Glow Stick BLACKOUT Night Haunted House 2022

By J & F House of Terror (other events)

3 Dates Through Sep 25, 2022

Come visit our Haunted House Maze. Do not miss our haunt where you will go through complete darkness with only a glow stick. 


ID's will be required when checking tickets. No refunds. No purses, weapons or handbags are allowed in the haunt. This is not a reservation but a slot to get in line. Wait time depending on the night can be up to one hour wait. Please arrive exactly at your entry time. If you arrive before your entry time you may be asked to leave and then come back at your entry time. If you arrive after your entry time you may be denied entry.

Entry time slots are not a reservation and you can wait up to 1 hour in line. Entry slots just get you in the line. The Saturday before Halloween is the busiest and halloween night. So if you can get tickets on different dates. 

While you are making a decision to purchase a ticket, please note that even though we are practicing all the CDC guidelines for COVID-19, it is an inherent risk in any public location to be exposed to COVID-19. if you are experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste you should stay home. If you have been exposed to someone experiencing these symptoms and it has not been 14 days, please stay home because you will not be permitted in the haunted house.

Please be cautious in entering if you have asthma, seizures, a heart condition, pregnant or any other medical conditions. Please consult with your doctor before entering the haunt. If you have any medical issues wearing a mask for up to 25 minutes, please do not purchase a ticket for this haunt. Purses, handbags, and weapons are not allowed. Enter at your own risk and we are not liable. ALL TICKETS ARE FINAL AND ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.