Christmas Haunt - J & F House of Terror

By J & F House of Terror (other events)

Fri, Dec 6 2019 6:00 PM CDT Sun, Dec 15 2019 11:00 PM CDT

J & F Christmas Haunt will be open is December 2019. 

Regular Haunt - Haunted house Dates are December 6th & 7th from 6pm to 11pm. December 13th and 14th from 6pm to 11pm. You can go anytime during these dates and time with your ticket. Bring your cell phone for scanning the barcode for the ticket. 

This Christmas Haunt is completely different than our haunt in October. The house is a maze and will have different scenes and different characters. Happy Christmas! We hope you can join us. The haunt from 6pm to 11pm will be our Christmas Haunt and have actors with jump scares. This is a scary Christmas Haunt with Actors. 

Our Christmas Tour - will be a tour with the lights on and no actors. If you would like to walk through during the day without actors and just take a breath in without any jump scares. You will be able to walk through and take your time. Plus this is good to start out anyone that has fear and still wants to be a apart of an event and not necessarlity interested in jump scares.